Lisbet Nielsen is a Danish artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark


'My work reflects the meeting between inner space and fragments of the outside world. 
I will describe it by using the phrase 'moments of confrontation'.



'A likeness to reality is not insistent and not essential in the pictures we see here. At least not if we by reality mean something clear, unambiguous and external - or something social. I have suggested that what I see, I find unreal. And that goes for the way it is presented and the actual nature of the absent reality. Not that we speak about a sweet nothing wrapped in enchantment. No, not at all - rather that the city that we look out and down at and over, does not exist for real. Not even as a set piece.Outside hardly exists. Only inside and within is in this work of art realities in their own floating, slow and distorted way. It does not mean that space and a sense of space does not exist - only that it is distorted and twisted inwards. The space is layered in a highly complex way. Reflections and reflections of reflections are distorting the perspective and disturbing the sense of place. It seems like viewed through filters and shades, that do not allow the known to appear in the usual gestalt.We move between the very remote and the very near. We are witnessing a slide in scale, material, perspective and gravity. I notice an interesting leap or gap between a definite femininity in the pictures and then a discomfort and coldness. This is about a kind of verfremdungs-effect, that the artist throws out at us - making the real unreal.'

Anders Kold (kurator at Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art) about 'sweet reality' 1999


'Before language fills us and we come to define the world through words, we live in a state of senses. They exist side by side, layered, without separation and borders. The pre-lingual universe can be likened to a camera’s mechanism of mirrors and prisms - a space in which light and impressions gather, are reflected and displaced. Through language we draw borders and catalogue the world, through the camera we release and expose.'

Malene Engelund - Read the full text about the work of Lisbet Nielsen here


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